A Frequent Asked Question -

Why should I hire a Business Broker?

1 - Marketing and Advertising - The Business Broker designs a marketing plan specifically targeted to the types of buyers that would be interested in the business. Target marketing often occurs through trade publications, direct mail, and Internet sites specifically designed for business transactions. Advertising in local and national newspaper is often typically used.

2 - Qualifying Buyers - The Business Broker will focus on those prospects who are financially
qualified and who have a genuine interest in your type of business.

3 - Presenting the Business - The professional Business Broker is experienced in handling negotiations. The Business Broker also offers the seller the convenience of continuing to manage the business while the selling process is underway.

4 - Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality - Business owners are concerned about confidentiality. A professional Business Broker is skilled at protecting confidentiality from the employees, suppliers, creditors, and clients of the business.

5 - Negotiating the Business Sale Transaction - The Business Broker will be a vital advisor during the sale transaction by negotiating price, terms, and other key aspects of the sale. The Business Broker will also guide the seller each step of the way thus creating the proper transaction and greatly effecting the net amount that the seller will receive.

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